Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hangin' with the heavy cats

Good question... actually, excellent question (you certainly deserve an answer since I haven't updated this thing in nearly 9 months):

Well, I've been trying to graduate high school?

Valid excuse, right?

Whether it's valid or not, you should know that it will definitely be completely invalid once I GRADUATE IN MAY!!! Oh man, I am SOO close! '08!!
Enough of that, let's move on...
I'M IN TORONTO RIGHT NOW AT THE ANNUAL IAJE (International Association for Jazz Education) CONVENTION!!
And guess what??

I just got back from talking to KURT ELLING and JON HENDRICKS!!! Yeah, I gave them both a copy of my "Victory Concert" CD after I listened to an hour-long panel with both of them. Jon told the most AMAZING stories!! My favorite had to be the story about him meeting and playing with Charlie Parker. Just let that sink in for a bit and think about it.


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