Friday, January 11, 2008

Jik Suk Bolgocki (More Toronto Fun)

Oh man, I'm still having SO much fun!! If you're wondering about the title of this post, it's the name of a delicious korean barbeque dish that we all ordered tonight at dinner. They brought out a whole platter of raw meat and vegetables and a couple burners, and you cook it yourself right at the table! This particular restaurant, though, had quite possible the most rhythmically interesting menu of all time:
-Jit Suk Bolgocki
(and, and, and 4 and)
-Hwae Bidimbop
(One,two, three, four-ee-and)
-Ju Soup Bidimbop
(One, Two, four-ee-and)

We grooved on that for a while, then I went to the NEA Jazz Masters Ceremony where I got to see performances by Kurt Elling and the 'Smithsonian Jazz Orchestra', as well as appearances by people like Nancy Wilson, Candido Camero, and Quincy Jones. QUINCY JONES!! I chased him for over an HOUR this morning after I saw him speak on a panel. He is heavily guarded, though, it's crazy. I also saw him do a live radio interview which was awesome, but all I wanted to do was meet him and give him my CD! :-( Oh well, I tried as hard as a person could.

But yeah, I just wanted to establish once more that I am having the time of my LIFE here! I mean, IAJE is always like being in a wonderland. Amazing times.

Well, I'm off to see Tierney Sutton now. Adios!


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