Monday, January 14, 2008

Get Happy

"I just caught a whiff of the piano... and it was smelly."
-My father, 5 minutes ago

Today I went back to school after almost 3 weeks of chilling out and doing all the things that make me happy. It was rough. I was hit upside the head with a sort of plague that drains the very life out of you... quickly. I believe it's called "senioritis". I had only heard of such an ailment, but had not yet experienced it, and today as I dragged my corpse across the hallway, I felt it in my bones.
Sad story.
BUT, I won't let it win! Oh no, I can still be happy! Happiness has become a habit for me, and I've had to deal with far more difficult things, so I'm going to take it with a smile and a song in my heart.
You all should know that this sudden burst of inspiration is in-part due to an amazing book that I stumbled across and purchased this evening entitled "The Pig of Happiness". I highly recommend it.

On the subject of getting happy, I also highly recommend Tierney Sutton's new CD, which includes a tracklisting that is nothing but songs about happiness arranged in the coolest ways you could possibly imagine, and sung in the "hippest" way possible. I saw Tierney Sutton live at the convention a few nights ago and I was simply BLOWN away. Seriously, if you haven't checked her out already, you really need to.

Well, I'm gonna keep on truckin' just like I know how. Wish me luck!


Erienne Romaine


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